Lightweight Roof replacement

Complete roof replacement and truss repairs with attic conversion for a client in Perth using slate and clay tile ,

We were recommended after the original contractor removed the gutters with no scaffold and then disappeared. When we visited the site it was obvious why the previous contractor was no where to be seen as the whole bottom of the roof was rotten and the sarking was soft .
It was originally converted from a church to what is now 2 houses and the most recent developer overloaded the already rotten structure with cheap concrete roof tiles , the whole roof was rotten and trying to slide off taking the walls with it . This should have been replaced years ago with a suitable system .

We recommended a new roof as being the most cost effective way to deal with all the issues.
When we erected a scaffold and stripped the tiled roof the timber damage was much worse than anticipated resulting in the entire roof being removed to replace the damaged wall plate , purlins , rafters and to fit new steel beams to reinforce the roof as per the structural engineers report .
We rebuilt all the damaged wallheads using lime mortar fitting new wall plate before fitting steel beams to all the damaged purlins and doubling up all rafters to secure the structure , We then sprayed all the timber work and fitted the new treated sarking .
The client thought it was an idea to convert the attic while the new roof was replaced so we organised plans and all planning for his new attic conversion and fitted out for the 11 new velux windows and doubled up all the floor joist while the roof was off and the timber timber work was being done.

We then reroofed the entire property using a welsh cwt ny bugail slate for the bottom of the roof to disperse the water into the new 5” cast iron gutters , with a Sandtoft Olympus clay tile above this was part of a complete system supplied by sandtoft which includes all dry verges and a dry ridge system with every tile clipped and nailed .
The sandtoft clay tile is a lightweight roof system which at 31kg a sq metre cut the weight by over 50% on the old scotcem concrete tiles which are 76 kg a sq metre . This will ensure the structure will be capable of holding the loads safely and without any future problems all backed by the manufacturers guarantee .

We fitted 11 new fire escape velux windows all as per the plans and fully guaranteed for 15 years .

We also rebuilt the old chimney s and picked and repointed the walls as the existing pointing was in poor condition and resulting in further damage to the faces of the stonework . We picked and repointed it all using lime mortar supplied by masons mortar removing all the spalling to the stone faces , the finish is superb and will last for years allowing the building to breath ensuring no further damage to the stonework .

We supply and fit all types of flat and pitched roofs to suit any property all built to last the test of time and the Scottish weather .

For all your roofing requirements from small leaks to new roofs , call us for free advice .
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Roof slating 

Turner and Sons roofing is a local family business built up over years of work for most main contractors in the new build housing sector for which we were finalists for best roof in Britain so whether your roof is pitched or flat your home is in experienced hands .

Below is a selection of new build slated roofs we have just completed just outside Edinburgh using Spanish slate , we fit all lead work , valleys , water gates and zinc ridge all hand fitted by us. On these new build properties we were using Spanish Siga 400×250 slate every slate graded and double nailed using copper slate nails to the specified gauge after some weathering the slate darken nicely to a dark blue colour . We can supply all types of siga slate from their commercial range to the more desirable excellence range with varying warranties of up to 75 years.

We can also supply and fit Welsh Slate like on this property Below where we replaced the original Welsh Slate to the roof and dormers with a similar slightly wider cwt y bugail Welsh Slate to replicate the traditional look but using a new welsh Slate. We also replaced all the damaged timber work , replaced all the lead work and removed the copes re fitting all using lime mortar with a new skew detail and lead cover flashings dressed under the copes all tied into the slating that keeps the wall head dry as the roof gets wet ,whilst maintaining the traditional stone coping.

We also fit scotch slate which a commonly used in Edinburgh where the existing scotch are carefully removed then dressed reholed and sized ready for reuse to be restated in diminishing courses .

We can supply all types of Slate like Welsh , Spanish slate and higher end slate such as westmoorland and Burlington. No matter the type of slate required to suit your property.

We can replace your scotch roof using original scotch slate or new Welsh slate in random widths and diminishing courses to match the original scotch look but the slate come with a 100 year guarantee unlike second hand slate which may be near the end of their usable lifespan.
We have had these slate passed by building control for use in replacement roofs to listed buildings in fife and Edinburgh.

We also supply and fit a range of gutters , ridges and cappings in zinc clay and concrete to compliment your new slate . We fit lead and zinc valleys and water gates all correctly hand fitted to your roof.

Generally we recommend the use of Proctor roofshield as an underlay as it requires no additional ventilation in any circumstances eliminating the chance of interstitial condensation in the roofspace .
Which is essential if the roofspace has or is planning an attic conversion or is is lived in .

All our products and work are fitted to the manufacturers specification and come with an appropriate guarantee of up to 25yrs on all labour and up to 300 yrs on some slates.

Send us an enquiry via our contact us page or call us free for a free estimate or more details on Any of our products or services.

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Flat roof replacement

Flat roof replacement

Does my flat roof need repaired or replaced ?

In most instances if your flat roof is leaking is showing signs of damp or cold then it’s most likely a sign of material failure , an under insulated structure or a problem with a protrusion or adjoining flashing . Older flat roofs are often formed using built up felt roofing such as green mineral torch on or can be of glass fibre construction as a rule if it’s less than 5 years old warm in the summer and cold in the winter its most likely under insulated and worth checking . Most flat roofs only have issues at the end of their lifespan which is generally 18yrs approx although flat roofs can last far longer but can be prone to damaging the surrounding structure as the integrity fails .

Our new flat roofs can be of various systems to suit the property and application requirements and being approved installers for single ply membrane and using only the best materials means our work qualifies for the manufacturers backed 20year warranty with no fire risk to your property as no naked flames are used unless a torch on system is requested.

We can supply and fit all types of flat roof coverings and insulation to suit your project big or small all designed for this purpose and fully guaranteed . We also check all the underlying timber s prior to fitting your new roof and keep a photographic record of all the works from start to finish whether it’s a new or existing extension , garage flat roof we have a system to suit ,we can even install green or living roof s contact us for details 08000488532

Below are a few recent flat roof replacement s carried out in fife and Edinburgh 

This flat roof in kinross was replaced a few years ago using rubber epdm roof covering but with no insulation and various leaks and faults in fitting .

We removed the Existing epdm or rubbber roof and repaired the damaged timberwork before fitting a new vapour barrier then new xtratherm high performance flat roof insulation covered using our dark grey Envirotech pvc single ply membrane and finished off by replacing the timber facia using white upvc facia for a maintenance free finish with a 20 year manufacturer backed guarantee.

This small extension felt roof in Edinburgh below was leaking and cold it also had no flashings . We removed the failed felt and damaged boards fitting new 22mm osb board then a new vapour barrier before fitting the new xtratherm flat roof insulation and a layer of our dark grey single ply fully bonded to the surface, with all the trims being structurally fixed then all seams heat welded to be stronger than the membrane itself and completely watertight throughout its considerable lifespan. We also fitted new lead flashings and replaced the facia using white upvc .

If if you have any queries or would like further details of any of the services or products we offer please send us an enquiry or call us free on 08000488532 or 07522283503 to discuss your requirements or arrange a free inspection and estimate.

We offer 24hour callout for emergency flat roof leaks .

We also offer various wet on wet liquid polymer flat roof waterproofing systems below we replaced this recently fitted but leaking balcony roof which was originally slabbed using our Fix R liquid polymer system which comes with a 15 year guarantee and is ideal for roof s with difficult to detail areas where access or adjoining structures are an issue .  Below we replaced the leaking balcony roof after we removed the slabs and failed coating, then replacing the boards using osb we then lay a fibre mesh which is impregnated with the liquid polymer while forming up stands and detailing as required . Easily capable of carrying the new eco decking which should stay clean and mould free for life .

If you’re up are in any doubt of the best value flat roof system for your property please Call us for free advice or details or send us an enquiry using our contact us page .

New tiled roof 

On this recent replacement tiled roof in Edinburgh we removed the old roof tiles , tile batons and under felt checking the timber work below. The existing roof was fitted with a 1f under felt and had no ventilation detail even though the attic had been previously converted and was now a warm roof construction.

We then fit a eave protection system lapped into the gutter then proctor roofshield breather membrane above which is the only membrane that requires no additional ventilation whilst ensuring no future problems with water vapour or interstitial condensation. It also helps maintain air pressure which allows your insulation to perform at its best which can’t be done using traditional roof vents or eave ventilation without increasing airflow to the space making the area harder to heat.

The roof is then counter batoned which allows the passage of water and air under the tile batons , which are all treated and graded tile baton specifically designed for roof tiling .

The roof is then loaded with the desired tile which in this case is a Marley double roman concrete roof tile , we used the cloaked verge system which is a concrete tile with a built in verge and the Marley baton section ridge system finished with a concrete ridge tile and when fixed using the solo clip (pictured below) which is fitted to every tile , your new roof is guaranteed to withstand wind Conditions above 150mph .

We also replaced the existing protruding vent pipes using flush fit vent tiles.

Once complete the new roof is fully fitted to British standards for tiling and the manufacturers specification it is then fully guaranteed for 60 years and will qualify for the manufacturers warranty should any problems arise from the materials which is highly unlikely. Also as members of the federation of master builders we can offer various warranties so you can be sure your home is in good hands.


We offer all makes of roof tile for repairs and replacements all fitted to the manufacturers specification whether clay roof tiles or concrete roof tile from manufacturers like Redland and Marley amongst others we can replace your roof for a state of the art new roof which looks great and lasts a lifetime .
Send us an enquiry or Call us now for immediate service or advice if your roof is leaking or needs replaced in fife or Edinburgh areas .

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Gutter repair 

Gutters are one of the most important areas of any roof , they collect all the water from the roof surface and divert it safely away from the property in a controlled manor helping prevent damp and structural issues alike . Badly maintained , leaking or poorly repaired gutters can damage the surrounding materials often bridging out dpc details which may cause severe damage to the structure if left unchecked. It is also important that the correct type with enough flowrate for your exposure and rainfall are fitted especially when replacing the og type gutter. 

It is a common mistake to replace your old cast iron using upvc or just to smear sealant over leaking joints that should have been properly repaired , cast iron type should just about always be replaced for the same style or type in cast iron or aluminium they will bear snow loads far better than upvc and should last the rest of time.

We offer a full gutter cleaning , repair , painting and replacement service in Fife and Edinburgh areas, which can correctly repair those leaking gutter joints and renovate your gutters whether cast iron aluminium or upvc . We supply and fit all types of guttering for your property in Fife , cast iron gutters , Alumasc aluminium gutters or upvc guttering in various styles and profiles perfectly suited to your property.

We also offer a radius gutter service most often found on turrets , where we repair or replace your radius or round gutters , these can be in a half round type , box section or OG type in cast iron which will be a true radius and are cast in a mould , or in aluminium that can be cut and faceted to your radius and in some cases is as close a true radius as mould casted cast iron but far cheaper , all made locally in Fife and powder coated to any colour you desire , satin black being the hardest wearing finish .
If you have issues with your gutters would like them cleaned , repaired , replaced or just repainted then contact us on 08000488532 or 01383513485 for immediate service or send us an enquiry through our contact us page .


Roof repair

Is your roof leaking, damp or at the end of its lifespan ? 

Most roofs absorb moisture it’s the ability to minimise this and quickly dry that keeps your property damp free and watertight . At Turner & Sons we believe any works should be an asset to your property and not an eyesore we go the extra mile to achieve a long lasting cost effective solution that enhances the property for years to come .

On this job in Fife we were called in to replace this old concrete tiled roof that was in need of repair it was leaking in areas most likely because  it was below the minimum pitch for the tiles used when initially installed and they didn’t compliment the existing Welsh slate roof very well looking out of place on this period property . .

We stripped the existing tiles from the roof and all underfelt this enables us to check all the timber work , we fitted proctor roofshield breather membrane to the sarking  which elimates the need for additional unsightly roof vents and the tiles we used are Redland cambrien roof tiles which are made from recycled welsh slate and have a 60 year guarantee.

With the unique 3 point fixing system and low pitch capability it’s an ideal and cost effective way to upgrade your property and eliminate further repairs or internal damp issues requiring only minimum maintenance over its lifespan.

We think the finish is ideal and with its redland backed guarantee you can be sure its fitted to last. 

If your roof needs repaired is leaking or it’s time to replace that old roof or flat roof for a new roof call us free on 08000488532 for free advice and a no obligation quote or send us an enquiry using our contact us page.

Trowel trades

Tel- 08000488532 or 01383513485 for your all roughcast,pointing and plasterwork requirements in fife and Edinburgh.

We carry out all roughcast , concrete and plasterwork using various methods and materials traditional and modern.

We can colour match your existing brick stone and chimney pointing

Roughcast or render
On certain houses the external walls and chimney of your property may be coated using sand and cement mortar with a decorative chip imbedded this is called harling . When this fails it’s often due to the mortar itself ,
We offer repair and replacement of brick and stonework to match the existing using cement and lime based mortars for render and pointing works but using today’s technology,
We can supply acrylic waterproof renders and lime mortars in a multitude of colours which will far outlast traditional cement mortar .

Using our power wall render system we can apply any chip you pick with any background colour supplied or we can render it smooth which involves removing material to create a finish while it hardens .

Acrylic Render
• Heavy duty elastomeric structural suitable for decorative finishes
• Suitable for most types of masonry and cement based bases
• One of the Most durable weatherproof wall coatings in use today
• Choose from a wide variety of colours and textures


Wet dash
• Pre-mixed blend of fillers, synthetic resins, co-polymers, cement and fibres
• Tough, flexible, waterproof, crack resistant
• Excellent adhesive qualities
• Traditional granite finish using cement also available

• Special pre-mixed blend of aggregates, lightweight fillers, resin cement modifiers, co-polymers, fibres and cement
• Tremendous adhesive qualities
• High tensile and compressive strength
• Ideal for one coat and dash applications

Classic Stone/Scratch Render
• Carefully selected aggregates, colour fast pigments & additives
• Create stone, ashlar and other effects by keying to form joints and ashlar grooves
• Decorative finish with excellent weather resistance and durability
• Allows walls to breathe naturally

We supply and coat using British gypsum plasterboard and plasters.
These can be applied to existing structures whether old or new for repair or replacement to achieve a smooth finish to your walls that can be directly painted on.
We also sheet over existing defective walls and ceilings using our dryfix adhesive system which is ideal for lathe and plaster ensuring the new walls will never crack.
We can fit insulated backed thermal plasterboard so not only does it look great but it keeps the heat in reducing your heating bills and future energy costs.

If you have damp walls , plaster repairs or roughcast problems or want to upgrade your wall insulation to your property in Fife or Edinburgh give us a call on
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Flat roof replacement

Tel- 08000488532 or 01383513485 for your free Flat roof check now or 24 hour emergency flat roof repair .

One of our roof maintenance customers in fife had a roof area that had been altered to make a roof garden decking area unfortunetly there was a few leaks and a smell of damp present. The existing decking had to be removed to get to the underlying flat roof and it was an option to upgrade the existing to make it more usable utilising the best use of the space.


We started by removing the existing decking and uplifting the existing roofing felt this was found to be in a worse condition than expected and replacement of the deck and some joist was required we fit a new vapour barrier which is high quality dpm upon which our ecotherm 80mm insulation is installed this will ensure that the new roof will meet the future needs of your property lowering its carbon footprint by increasing your energy effiency rating in this uncertain time of climate change .


Upon fitting of the new ecotherm insulation we fitted our envirotech single ply membrane to the surface this is fully adhered to the insulation and heat welded at the joins which are as strong as the Kevlar reinforced membrane itself when complete.


The bonus of this type of installation and replacement flat roof is it can easily take the fitting of decking , artificial grass or real grass if preferred


. We think the finish is stunning and not only dryer and warmer for longer but a usable space that’s a upgrade for your home ,
How all flat roofs should be .

All works are covered by our guarantee and the materials are guaranteed for 20yrs against defects by the manufacturer .

If you have damp or leaking flat roof problems or want to upgrade your garage , extension , balcony , roof garden or terrace in Fife or Edinburgh give us a call on
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Below is a selection of works using our dark grey membrane in various applications .




We also supply and fit Mardome double and triple skinned flat roof domes and roof lights .

call us now on 08000488532 or send us an enquiry for your free survey or advice on any flat roofing projects you may be considering.
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General builder

Call 07522283503 20130708-201252.jpg

A customer for whom we carried out a recent roof replacement for in fife had an old world war air raid shelter in his back garden it had been planned to remove it for some time but finding some one to do it reasonably priced was the problem.
We agreed to remove the shelter ,it took 5 days for 3 men with large breakers and sledgehammers there was 9 skip loads of debris,the walls and concrete roof was reinforced with steel which made removal in large pieces impossible .

We built a concrete block garden wall separating the two properties rendering it and slabbing the area in front creating a patio area ,a couple of coats of sandtex masonary paint and they now. Have a nice area to enjoy their garden.

The customers were delighted and all done cheaper than previous quotes for the air raid shelter alone .
If you need general building work done in fife whether structural or non structural or just fancy a garden make over we can supply and fit all types of slabbing,decking,astroturf,garden chips to suit your budget.
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We supply and fit a large range of material for your landscape or garden project click on a link below to see the range available.

<br />20130708-205144.jpg

All products available to view at beatsons in Dunfermline .
Call us for advice on any product .

Roof replacement or repair 

Call free on 08000488532 20130622-000714.jpg

Your roof is the only thing preserving your property from the elements.
Repairing your roof as soon as any damage is visible is essential in the maintenance of your property regular visual inspections after any severe weather that may cause storm damage following high winds is advisable.
if you live locally in Aberdour ,Burntisland, Dunfermline , Dalgety bay or Cowdenbeath in fife then J Turner & Sons roofing offer a 24/7 emergency service for all roof repairs and flat roof repairs or replacements carried out by a local family business that’s there when you need them.
Are you worried you may have damp or a leaking roof? Then advice is free and only a call away !

Are your slates or tiles looking diffrent after high winds do your slates or tiles rattle then our Professional roofers with over 20yrs experience being Marley approved contractors and finalists for best roof in Britain we are standing by ready to handle your fife roofing repairs & replacements safely,efficiently and on budget the price quoted is the price you pay with no hidden extras or costs.

So click here For Your Emergency Roof Repair & replacement Estimate or free inspection or estimate in Cowdenbeath and fife areas call us free on 08000488532 or on 07522283503 24hrs a day or 01383 513485 during office hours .

We have just completed this roof in Cowdenbeath replacing the existing leaking and noisy welsh slate with a Spanish slate that is guaranteed for 75 yrs by the manufacture if correctly installed using proctor roofshield breather membrane,gutter roll to the eaves and all secured using copper slate nails . The two roofs were joined using a grp slate bonding gutter which is hidden under the slating to ensure a neat and tidy joining of the two roofs.
We supply and fit all types of roofing & flat roofing materials,we also offed fixed price annual roof maintenance in fife & Edinburgh office .


New slate roof,Cowdenbeath fife

20130609-004813.jpgWe are just completing a new slated roof replacement in Cowdenbeath fife,we removed the existing welsh slate and fitted proctor roofshield breathable underlay as the existing welsh slate roof was beyond a cost effective repair.
we replaced the damaged lead watergates to the dormer some damaged timbers .
We renailed the existing sarking to the joist and prepared the roof to be slated using siga 35 blue grey Spanish slate secured using 2 50mm copper slate nails and all slate are guaranteed for 75 years against defects by the manufacturer .

All gutters and downpipes were replaced in deepflow upvc.
We uplifted the existing green mineral felt dormer flat roof and fitted 80 mm Ecotherm insulation boards on top of the existing 50 mm insulation and fitted our Envirotech single ply membrane to the flat roof which ensures a watertight finish for years to come with little or no maintenance or further flat roof repairs for at least 25 yrs but the expected lifespan may be far more .

It can be fitted in light grey or dark grey to match the look of lead if required without the high material cost or possibility of theft later with the current high price if scrap metals . Click HEREFor details of our single ply as a replacement for garage flat roofs,extensions or dormers in fife & Edinburgh.

If you need advice or an estimate for roof repair or replacements in fife or Edinburgh call us on free on 08000488532 mobile 24hours on 07522283503 office 01383 513485
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Roof repair Fife

We are currently carrying out roof maintenance and repair work in Milnathort near Kinross in fife a panel we were repairing is nail sick resulting in the loss of slates in high winds and constant maintenance.

The nails securing the slate to the sarking have corroded away at the head of the slate due to either ungalvanised nails or moisture under the slates this can be from a leaking roof or a poorly ventilated roof .

If a roof is suffering from nail fatigue then this is the time to replace the affected panels as a whole hopefully saving the slate for reuse and upgrading the ventilation detail and fitting a breather membrane like proctor roofshield.
The underlying timber work zinc and leadwork can be checked and the fitting of your new roof can commence ideally using copper slate nails to secure each slate .
This can be done using the existing slate as on this dormer side using welsh slate.

If your roof is leaking or needs repaired or upgraded in fife and Edinburgh click Here to contact us ! or call us now on 08000488532 or 07522283503 for immediate service you can trust 24hrs a day !


Super warm flat roofs

We got a call from a customer in Dalgety bay that had had her flat roofs replaced but had been plagued by constant leaks ,damp and cold rooms below .

20130429-164241.jpgWe visited the property assessed that the flat roofs where poorly installed fitted on top of the existing problems with low quality materials that were not fire rated for domestic use there was also inadequate insulation for the structure .

There was poorly fitted lead flashings and the watergates were joined to the extension and garage flat roofs using glue from a previous bad repair ?

We removed the existing leaking flat roof covering and boards to expose the joist.we then upgraded the ceiling insulation to 200 mm ecowool fitting 22mm v313 moisture resistant chipboard flooring screwed to the joist .

We then fitted a vapour barrier and 80 mm ecotherm insulation screwed to the boards ,our Protorch built up torch on flat roofing system ,AA fire rated for domestic use ensuring a watertight finish you can count on and with today’s energy costs will pay for itself in heating savings reducing your carbon footprint.

We repaired the faulty leadwork and corrected the detailing at the watergates all works are covered by our guarantee and the Protorch Fire rated new flat roof is guaranteed for 18yrs against defects.

We can also supply our Envirotech pvc single ply membrane in various colours which is fully adhered and all seams heat welded using no naked flames, this system comes with a manufacturers guarantee of 20years can only be fitted by approved contractors like ourselves and should last in excess of 30yrs+ .

So if you have damp or leaking roof problems give us a call on
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Your local fife roofer for flat roof repair,maintenance and replacements aberdour ,Burntisland ,crossgates,north queensferry and surrounding areas .
24hour emergency service

Protorch flat roofs

20130331-222721.jpgWe just completed a new torch on extension flat roof in edinburgh using our protorch system which is AA Fire rated,capsheets that provide a fire protection layer, shielding the roof from both spread of flame and fire penetration for use on domestic buildings such as extensions dormers and all flat roofing in Edinburgh and fife.
Why protorch ?
Zero spread of flames means that any potential fire will not spread to any other parts of the system.
Our flat roofing system will not support flame and as a consequence emits minimal smoke, the main hazard to life during a fire.
It is a 3 layer built up system with a green mineral finish constructed using only the best quality materials designed to withstand today’s demanding weather conditions. Which is why the manufacturer offer an 18 year guarantee as standard when fitted correctly .

It can be installed utilising today’s advanced hard foam type insulation in 50mm,80mm and 100mm thick which is far superior at heat retention than conventional rock-wool type insulation with today’s energy costs its an improvement that will pay for itself.

20130331-223755.jpgSo if you have a leaking flat roof in need of repair ,planning a new addition or just renovating your property in fife ,Dunfermline ,Edinburgh , Queensferry or surrounding areas start at the top !
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Lead gutter replacement

This lead wallhead gutter on a listed property in Dalkeith,Edinburgh was leaking through the sash windows in periods of heavy rain.20130326-180042.jpgScaffolding was required to gain access to inspect the wallhead for damage we planned to lift and repair the existing leadwork on the roof but upon inspection of the underlying timbers it was obvious the lead was perished and beyond a cost effective repair.The damage was not limited to the leaking area and the entire gutter needed replaced.

The choices for the owner were to reinstate the timber work and reform the gutter in code 8 lead ,a built up felt system or a single ply membrane ,the lead was expensive to replicate and labour intensive although would last the longest but the owner decided on our Kevlar reinforced Envirotech single ply membrane which is an acceptable replacement for lead , far cheaper and in this circumstance a better job it comes in 2 colours light grey and dark grey to mimic lead it is fully heat welded to create a single sheet that’s waterproof and flexible able to cope with today’s varying and sometimes extreme weather conditions but quickly laid and able to conform to complicated and unusual structures easily.Fully adhered to any surface or mechanically fixed you can be sure of a bulletproof timeless finish.20130326-182246.jpgSingle ply membranes are ideal for dormers,garages or extension flat roof repair,leaking lead and felt flat roof replacements and can be fitted with insulation to help give you more control over your energy costs by reducing heat loss to a minimum in fife and Edinburgh property’s .

20130326-185001.jpgSo if you have a leaking roof or your property smells of damp we can fix it and prevent any further damage to the surrounding materials ensuring they can reach they’re expected lifespan and keeping costs to a minimum with no problems just solutions !

So if you need a roofer in fife or Edinburgh Call us now on
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Skylights and rooflights 


Does your stair light,flat roof dome or velux window let out the heat or leak ? Maybe it’s time for a new one thermally efficient powder coated to last a lifetime using high performance low e double glazed units tailored to fit any opening or taste . 

 Is it time you let in the light ,but kept in the heat .. Built locally in Broxburn and fitted on site by the manufacturer our flat roof and cupola skylights come with a lifetime guarantee 08000488532 for a free repair or replacement survey.

If you have an old rooflight cupola or velux window and would like to find out more about the options available to you whether to repair or replace your existing rooflight in Edinburgh or fife call us free on 08000488532 or mobile 07522283503
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Looking for cupola, Skylight or velux Roof Window Installer in Cowdenbeath,fife ?
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Single ply flat roofing

Our envirotech single ply membrane can be laid to replace any leaking or old flat roof like this one in Longstone ,Edinburgh.
The existing flat roof was a green mineral torch on felt and was some 30 years old and showed it,the top covering was sun damaged cracked and exposing the boards in places.
We uplifted the old roof covering and repaired the boards fitting a vapour barrier and installing new ecotherm 80mm insulation that upgrades your properties energy effiency rating as well as reducing heating bills and keeping you cool in summer .
Our envirotech single ply membrane is then fully bonded to the insulation using a specialist adhesive and all seams heat welded ensuring a joint stronger than the Kevlar reinforced membrane itself all trims are a structural part of the roof and also heat welded to the membrane the resulting finish will keep the weather at bay for well over 30 yrs but is guaranteed for 18 yrs by the manufacturer and only approved contractors like ourself can fit it !!

Call us on 08000488532 or 07522283503 for details
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Single ply membranes are excellent for various flat roofing applications such as dormers ,extensions ,roof gardens,balcony s and garages some of which are pictured below it can be also be used to overlay an existing roof that may be nearing the end of it s lifespan in certain conditions.

Usually it’s fitted above high performance insulation such as ecotherm PIR flat roof boards comes in 2 colours light grey and also a dark grey which mimics the look and colour of lead where metal theft from the roof may be a future issue .







Our single ply also comes in a dark grey that is a popular choice for new build extensions and flat roof replacements where material longevity is only surpassed by its great looking finish .
The fact it is of no use other than a waterproofing membrane and has no scrap value ensures your roof will not be compromised in the future by unwanted visitors whilst maintaining the traditional look of lead, it also is extremely quiet in heavy rainfall unlike some sheet metal materials.





Chimney repair work

Roof maintenance and inspection is a necessary task for any home owner each year . Your roof should be checked for missing or loose materials that may fall and damage gutters and skylights , if chimney cans or surrounding stonework fall this could prove fatal for any passer by or more likely you the owner being at the property most often.

We found this chimney can in stirling on a routine inspection for a new customer on our Roof Maintenance Scheme it was above an alley used daily by the neighbours they’re kids and the dog we erected a scaffold repointed the chimney stone work and removed the can capping the unused chimney vent most people have combi boilers flued through a wall making the chimney redundant.
One way to check for these problems is to visually inspect your roof yourself from the ground or any overlooking windows a pair of binoculars or a digital camera can be used to identify any suspect areas then assessed on a computer .
The other is to call a trained roofer who can repair and inspect your roof ideally once a year ..
If you notice a problem or just want to check your roofs sound then For immediate service in Fife,Edinburgh or surrounding areas call us on
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On this chimney repair in
Cowdenbeath fife we removed the broken cope stone and lowered the chimney to a stable height . We then formed a box and poured a new granolithic copestone .
The chimney brickwork was in poor condition after years of water penetration we removed the defective rough cast then coated the chimney to stabilise it and applied a wet dash finish that is one of the strongest harling or roughcast available and will last for years to come.


Roofing materials in Edinburgh & fife

Top 5 most durable roofing materials available in fife & Edinburgh .

When shopping for new roofing materials there are a lot of factors to consider. You want to make sure the roofing materials are in your budget, do their job and you also need them to be durable. If you wish to collect rainwater for filtering purposes or irrigation then that is also an important factor to consider. Durable roofing materials may cost more than other roofing materials at the onset, but they will save you money in the long run. They are often the most effective insulators, and they will last for many years, meaning you have to replace them less. Some materials are also usually virtually maintenance free.
The article below will share with you the most durable roofing materials.

We recomend supply and fit all roofing and external cladding Materials made by Marley eternit some types of which and there benefits are listed below .please follow the link to see the full range offered .


Roofing materials made from steel are often coated will aluminum to act as a protective layer. One of the great things about steel roofing materials is that they often consist of recycled metal. You can choose the content of recycled materials to new materials. A steel roof absorbs sunlight differently than other roofing materials, which keeps the house cooler. The cost of the steel ranges from 80.00 to 350.00 per square foot, but metal roofing materials can last for at least 100 years.


You can choose aluminum roofing materials in various styles that mimic other roofing materials, like slate. You can buy them as bare aluminum as well and they also come in several colors. This material is incredibly light, so you will not have to reinforce the roof. They reflect sunlight like steel does to maintain a cool roof. You can find these made out of recycled material, and they are easily recycled. If you plan to collect rainwater from the roof, you need to have the aluminum coated with baked-on resin. Aluminum roofing materials will last anywhere between 50 and 100 years. The cost is significant at 100,00 to 300.00 per square foot.


Ceramic and terra cotta are other names for roofing materials made from clay. They are found in many shapes and sizes. Once clay roofing materials are formed, they are dried in a kiln, essentially baking them. They increase architectural appeal of the home and create the best rainwater. They will never discolor or fade and are resistant to extremely bad weather. They are fragile if stepped on, but besides that they will last from 75 to 100 years. The cost is rather high at 200.00 to 1,200.00 per square foot.


Slate is a fine-grained rock that can be cut into roofing tiles. They produce good water quality, are very durable and completely natural. The process used to create them does not produce toxic chemicals. Slate will last between 100 and 200 years and can cost from 900.00 to 1,200.00 per square foot.

30-Year Asphalt

Hot tar or bitumen is typically used over fiber that has been soaked by asphalt to act as an element of waterproofing. This will come in many colors and is one of the most inexpensive roofing materials offered. This material is easy to install and will last for 30-years. It costs from 40.00 to 150.00 per square foot.

Torch on felts

The cost of built up torch on felt roofing system varies on the requirements of the roof it’s fitted to most domestic properties only require 3 layers of felt the too layer is usually a 4mm thick and torched to the layers below using a gas torch . Domestic buildings require a fire rated felt which should emit less smoke in the case of a fire reaching the roof structure this is especially important in the case of roof dormers and extensions where the roof space is inhabited .
This material should be applied by a specialist contractor should last 20-30 years and costs vary from 60-200 per metre

(Costs as a guide but may not be actual costs involved )

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Scotch Slate roofing in Edinburgh & Fife

Many traditional Scottish buildings in fife and Edinburgh have roofs that are covered with local slate or stone. The relatively small and thick Scottish slates were produced in a variety of lengths and widths, and laid with the largest slates at the base of the roof, with the smaller ones at the top. This method was introduced for purely economic reasons. It made best use of all the material produced and resulted in the unique roofscapes we enjoy today. Each roof slope bears a fingerprint of the quarry that supplied the material, with the pattern of diminishing courses, and the colour and textures all being highly distinctive. Once these characteristics have been identified it is possible to recognise the same slates in any neighbouring buildings roofed with material from the same source.

Scottish roofs tend to be steep, with slopesof around 40°. Steeper pitches are less prone to the let wind-driven rain or snow into the roof space. Water quickly runs down the slope thereby minimising the potential for it to penetrate the roof space. An additional benefit is that the form of construction offers good headroom in the attic space. If the plan of the building is deep enough, this is frequently used as living space. Features such as dormers, add to the size of these rooms, and skylights providing additional daylight. The variable dimensions of Scottish slate makes it well suited to steeply pitched and intricately shaped roofs. This may well have influenced the development of other characteristic features such as turrets and near vertical roof slopes.
When does a roof needs to be repaired?
Scottish slate has a good reputation as a long- lasting material with many slates showing that they have a service life of 150 years or more.
In achieving this, their fixings and support requires repair and maintenance. It is sensible therefore to inspect roofs at regular intervals as our roof protection scheme does ,to spot any potential problems as soon as they appear.
This is especially important as slate has not been quarried in Scotland since the 1950s, so supplies of slate for matching repair and replacement are becoming very scarce.

Inspection-roof maintenance( click here ! )
Regular inspections are essential to spot and tackle problems before they become aggravated and repair costs escalate ,Before the onset of winter, inspections and repair work in the autumn are recommended. It is also advisable to repeat the inspection after a particularly severe storm or gale.
Starting with a preliminary viewing from ground level, the use of binoculars will help reveal the roof in more detail. Evidence of any problems, should be recorded and brought to the contractors attention .
Slates may break on the roof because of:
• heavy foot traffic
• wind uplift
• nails being driven in too far hold the slate too firmly against the sarking
• nails not being driven into the sarking far enough and remain with their heads standing proud. This is likely to damage slates in the courses above as the slate will sit on the nail head and not bear down evenly on the underlying slate.
The best way to establish the number of damaged, missing or slipped slates is to look along the bottom of the slates in a single course. Any slates that are out of alignment are probably loose and likely to require attention. Repeat this process with each course across the roof, keeping a note of the number of affected slates.
As a general rule, if more than 20%-25% of the slates are cracked, broken, dislodged or missing, it is likely to be more practicable to strip and re-roof the building than replace only the affected slates. At this point the breather membrane like proctor roofshield can be laid that conforms to today’s building requirements providing adequate ventilation while protecting the timber work from high moisture levels generated in the home .
It is also important to check the internal roof space for evidence of any leaks. These leaks may not always be obvious from an external inspection but they can help reveal where other external problems might which case any repairs should be treated as urgent to prevent further damage to the fabric of your roof .

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